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11 sporting and fun activities with kids (that adults can enjoy too)


11 sporting and fun activities with kids (that adults can enjoy too)

Which activities with children are fun not only for kids but also for adults?

And preferably with a sporty touch too?

You will find out in this guest article.

Doing exciting and fun activities with children – that’s what all parents want. No wonder, because things are just more fun together.

When looking for such ventures, however, two difficulties often arise, which usually turn out to be the following questions:

  1. How do you find an activity that everyone in the family can really enjoy?
  2. And what ideas and possibilities for such activities are there anyway?

In this article you will learn 10 attractive and varied ideas for sporty and fun activities with children that are guaranteed to be something for the whole family.

#1Adventure in the forest

Get some fresh air, that’s never a bad idea. Of course, this also applies to a family outing.

A long walk is a good idea, but that doesn’t have to be all. Instead, you can have a real adventure in the forest with your family.

To do this, you should look for a piece of forest that you do not yet know well or not at all. However, you can find out more beforehand, or you can already walk certain routes.

Exciting paths over small rivers or tree trunks and stones, which also require a little climbing, are particularly cool. On such an adventure in the forest, you and your children can enjoy the peace, the fresh air and the extensive nature.

At the same time you can let off steam and learn something about the flora and fauna.

#2Adrenaline rushes in the climbing garden

If you want a little more action and adrenaline in your activities with children, then a trip to the climbing garden might be the right activity for you. You are also in the fresh air and can work off even more. There is also a sense of balance, which should definitely be trained.

Child, climbing, climbing garden, ropes

A highlight for activities with children – fun in the climbing garden.

Another factor also plays a key role on a trip to the climbing garden: trust.

When securing each other and getting one or the other help with climbing and abseiling, the individual family members have to trust each other.

An important factor in cohesion within a family.

#3Paddling and canoe trips

Mutual trust is also needed on a canoe trip. This can be a multi-day trip or just a day trip. In Germany there are numerous rivers on which canoe tours can be made. In Austria, too, there is everything your heart desires, from leisurely to fast-paced. Tip: start small and try it out on a quiet little river.

Here, too, nature plays an important role – you can also switch off completely from your everyday life.

Canoe, kayak, children

A small boat tour with the family – attention, safety first – the little ones should definitely wear life jackets!

This is a good thing, because everyday life can quickly become stressful in families.

The sport and fun factor is also not neglected on canoe tours. Stand-up paddling has also become very popular.

Those who need even more adrenaline and already have older children can go on white water tours or rafting trips with their children. This activity is guaranteed not to get boring.

#4thThe short trip to the farm

Nature, tranquility and action – these factors can also be combined on a short break on the farm. Here there are mostly animals, which are a lot of fun and joy, especially for younger children. Dealing with animals is important to them and they can learn a lot from it.

If the cell phone is left in the backpack, then you can slow down wonderfully with your family and enjoy a few relaxing days.

#5Trend sport soccer golf

Football is the most popular sport in Germany, there is no doubt about that.

Playing with a family is usually difficult because that usually requires more people and real goals. A new trend sport provides a remedy: soccer golf.

Football, leaves, forest

Football with a difference: football golf.

The point is that you have to play the ball into a small hole from a certain point with as few shots as possible.

A lot of fun for the whole family, because it can be cheered with the others when you are not on the ball yourself. If you want, you can even practice the trend sport in teams.

#6thDarts – have fun throwing arrows

Darts is by far not as widespread as football, but in recent years the sport of darts has gained more and more fans in Germany. Darts has long since shed its reputation as a pure pub sport and has developed into an activity that can also be interesting for the whole family.

In darts you can get together with your whole family and have fun throwing the arrows at the dartboard as precisely as possible. Electronic dartboards are particularly popular with families. The best darts for electronic dartboards and e-dartboards can be found in the comparison of Dart21.

Of course, you can also play in teams. One advantage of darts is that it is a sociable game where you can talk and laugh together.

#7thFull load of bathing fun

A day on the water is always full of fun. It’s best to go to the sea with your family to jump into the waves and lie or play on the beach together.

A trip to the water is a classic activity with children for the whole family that can be kept as sporty as desired. If you live far away from the sea, there is bound to be a beautiful lake nearby.

On the water, for example, you can go on the stand up paddle board, the pedal boat or maybe even on the beach volleyball court. The possibilities are great and even a little swimming competition has never hurt anyone.

#8thExperience history together

Exciting activities with children are also best enjoyed in a group.

Family trips to castles or other historical structures can be an exciting and educational activity. A trip to a museum or a historical market can also be fun for everyone involved.

Horse, middle ages

Medieval festivals have a special charm.

Medieval festivals are particularly attractive.

Here all family members can do what they find particularly interesting and exciting. In between, everyone can come together again while eating, drinking and being amazed.

#9Escape room

Solving puzzles – this is also best done with the family. No wonder that escape rooms have experienced a real boom in recent years.

The point is that you and your partners – in this case your wife or husband and children – have to solve puzzles in a room in order to achieve something. For example, to be able to leave the room again.

All family members can bring their strengths to bear in these activities and you can solve tasks as a team.

That creates even more cohesion for the family – and by the way, it’s a lot of fun.

#10Joint mountain bike tour

By bike over hill and dale – mountain bike tours have long been popular with sports enthusiasts.

You can choose a particularly nice tour with your family. The adrenaline factor is determined depending on which level of difficulty is desired.

Bikes, helmets, meadow

One of the most popular activities with children is definitely going on a bike tour.

What is certain is that you can work out fully on a mountain bike tour together and at the same time spend time with your loved ones in nature.

An ideal trip between rest, sport and time together.

#11Fun sport disc golf

Disc golf is perhaps even cooler than soccer golf.

It is far less elitist than on the classic golf course and the whole family can really let off steam.

Similar to playing golf, you have to hit a basket – not a hole – but with a frisbee. This can usually only be achieved with several throws, as the baskets can be a good 100 meters away.

Most of the disc golf courses are beautifully located in a forest in a clearing and it is fun, sport and nature in the best combination.


Conclusion on activities with children that adults also have fun with

There are many different ways in which you can spend time with your loved ones.

Particularly attractive are sporty and at the same time fun activities, which can also promote cohesion and trust. Joint activities with children bond even more together.

There are a whole host of activities that can be interesting and exciting for young and old at the same time. Each family member can then contribute what they can and is not measured according to performance or the like.

In this way, nothing stands in the way of a family activity that will be remembered.

Where does your family like to go on trips? What is your favorite activity?

Let us know in the comments!


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