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Back roll for self-massage – why you should definitely get one


Back roll for self-massage – why you should definitely get one

The back roll for self-massage is very trendy right now. With such a role, your fascia training becomes easy and efficient. Through regular training with such a role, it should finally be possible to prevent muscle complaints without outside help and in some cases even to alleviate them yourself.

In this article I want to introduce you to where this back roll comes from and what advantages it can bring you to work with this device. I will also explain to you why it is good for a lot more than just preventing and relieving back problems. Finally, I would like to introduce you to our favorites among the fascia rolls.


Where does the back roll come from and what it can do

Foam rollers have been around in the fitness area for a while. However, the purpose was rather different here. The rolls were significantly softer than the fascia rolls that were popular at the moment and were used more in relaxation and stability training.

A few years ago, Jürgen Dürr dealt with the topic of fascia training and found that a harder foam roller is very suitable for working in this area in a very targeted manner. Its use as a back roll is particularly popular because it allows clear results to be achieved quickly.

The  fascia  around and between the muscles tend to stick together. These adhesions lead to tension, stiffness, restricted mobility and sometimes pain. A targeted self-massage with a device such as a back roll is an effective way of loosening these adhesions.

Dr. Schleip, the leading German researcher in this field, is convinced that targeted fascia training can have numerous positive effects on posture, mobility, susceptibility to injury, regeneration time and performance. In addition, he believes that many common symptoms of pain in the musculoskeletal system can be traced back to neglected fasciae.

With a high-quality fascia / back roll you can noticeably increase the elasticity and performance of your muscles with little effort and a few simple exercises and thereby reduce or even eliminate pain. A short-term effect usually sets in very quickly during training. Although this subsides after a few hours, regular training with the roller usually results in a clear, long-term improvement after a few days / weeks.


The back roll is good for more than just back pain

Such a role is not only useful for training the fasciae in the back area. Even if complaints are very common here, which can be reduced or even remedied with the role. The role can also be used in all other parts of the body.

The targeted training of the fascia with a fascia / back roll can bring the following positive effects:

  • Sustainable increase in mobility
  • Release of annoying tension
  • Reduction of tension-induced pain
  • Gradual regulation of incorrect loads
  • Dissolving / reducing postural damage
  • Improvement of blood circulation and nutrient supply
  • Targeted regeneration of muscles

Many other positive effects such as an improvement in fat burning and a strengthening of the immune system are suspected by proponents of the foam rollers, but have largely not been proven so far. Nevertheless, the advantages of the application are already very convincing and I can only recommend it from my own experience. I should use my role more regularly myself. 😉


Which back roll is the best?

To be honest, I find it very difficult to say which back roll is the best for your fascia training. There are now so many different manufacturers on this market that it is very difficult to get an overview here.


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