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Morning exercise – 7 reasons why you should exercise early


Morning exercise – 7 reasons why you should exercise early

Maybe you are like me and when you think about morning exercise you immediately feel tired. However, there are some really good reasons to give the sport at least one chance in the morning. I want to bring these closer to you in this article.

The following 7 reasons should convince even the biggest morning exercise grouch to exercise at least once in the morning


1) You are still fresh

Both mentally and physically, you are even fresher in the morning after getting up than in the evening. It may not seem like that to you at first, but it really is. Your body and mind had time to regenerate all night.

Your stress level is usually not as high in the morning as it might be later in the day. This is especially true on stressful days when you may come home totally exhausted and frustrated and have no energy at all for your training. Believe me, I know it all too well myself. On days like this, it is not particularly easy for anyone  to motivate themselves to exercise after work . In such a situation it is very relieving to have already finished training.

Of course, it is particularly important during morning exercise not to miss out on a warm-up before the workout or run.


2) Your inner weaker self is not really awake yet

If you want to overcome your inner weaker self, morning exercise is a real insider tip. Your inner weaker self needs a little time to wake up. If you get up fast enough and get started, you don’t give him any chance to understand what is happening and to appeal.

So that this works as smoothly as possible, you should of course make the hurdles as low as possible and prepare everything so that you can start early morning exercise as quickly as possible. So be sure to put your sports gear next to your bed the night before. So you almost simply surprise him.


3) You have your peace of mind during morning exercise

Do you know that when the gym is totally overcrowded in the evening? Or when you have to run slalom all the time on your favorite running track because so many other runners and walkers are on the way? If you do your training early enough, you won’t have this problem. Very few people do sport in the early morning. This gives you an advantage over them … and a head start in the morning too.

In the gym you often have the positive side effect that everything is relatively clean. Anyone who regularly trains in the evening in a well-frequented fitness studio will appreciate this as soon as they have experienced for the first time what it looks like freshly cleaned there. 😉


4) You get more fresh air

If you do sport in the morning, you will usually get more or better and also fresher air.

Especially in summer this is worth its weight in gold. With 35 degrees in the shade, I don’t want to go running in the sun. In the early morning, on the other hand, it is still relatively cool, even in midsummer. After all, everything had a few hours to cool down overnight. In addition, the exhaust gas and fine dust pollution in the early morning hours is not as high as in the later course of the day.

It’s also a lot cooler in the early morning in the gym, of course. The air is also much better if it has just been freshly cleaned and ventilated. Above all, there aren’t a lot of other sweaty people training around you.


5) Your diet will get better

That might sound a bit strange, but for a lot of people it actually happens automatically and subconsciously through morning exercise.

If you consciously exercise more often, this will likely subconsciously affect your diet as well. At first it doesn’t matter whether you go to training in the morning or in the evening . However, the effect is even more immediate and therefore probably stronger when exercising early in the morning.

You start your day with a conscious, healthy decision and thus set the track so that you will subconsciously make further healthy decisions, especially with regard to your diet.


6) You increase your mental performance

There are numerous studies that show a long-term relationship between mental performance and (regular) exercise. There are various reasons for this. In addition to better blood circulation and an improved supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, this also includes a generally improved state of health and an improved hormonal environment for the performance of your brain.

However, some studies also show an immediate increase in the ability to concentrate and think after a training session. This effect leads to increased mental performance for several hours. You can use this effect directly for your job, your business, your studies or whatever you do, instead of letting this effect fizzle out while you sleep.


7) You start your day with a success for you

There is a reason why many successful people  have morning exercise as an integral part of their  morning ritual . It gives you the opportunity to check off a success straight away and do something really good for yourself in the early morning.

This gives you a good feeling and positive energy for the rest of the day. In addition, you demonstrably increase your energy level and your calorie consumption for the whole day.


Your conclusion on morning exercise

As you can see, there are many good reasons to exercise in the morning. Just try morning exercise for a while and see how well it works for you. In any case, stay on the ball for at least one to two months.

Maybe you have to overcome your inner weaker self first . However, you can make  early morning exercise a good habit and after a few weeks it will be easier and easier for you to do early morning exercise.

In addition to the habits, however, it is actually a question of type whether morning exercise is really right for you. Because even training in the evening has its raison d’etre. Ultimately, there is  no such thing as the perfect training time for everyone. So if you’ve been torturing yourself into early training for several months and realize that it’s absolutely not for you, then it may really not be the right one for you.

It is important that you do it consistently for at least a few weeks beforehand so that you can really get a clear picture of the positive effects of training in the morning.


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